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Welcome to Bahía Inglesa Kitesurf´s Site, we are so privileged and excited to live in one of the best Kitesurfing and Surfing Spots in northern Chile, that we can´t wait to show it to you!!!
You´ll be surprised by the remoteness of each spot, kiting and surfing just with your friends.
Incredible flat waters, beach breaks and waves for your fun.
2015-2016 Chile Kite Trip, Bahia Inglesa
With over 3500 miles of coast, Chile is bound to have some of the world’s best Kiteboarding and Surfing spots around the globe. Come to Chile and check it out!
This year’s Chile Kite Trip 2015-2016 will be special: as you might know we are located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world. Due to this years unforeseen showers during April and May, the dessert is going to BLOOM like never before!!! If you haven’t heard about this, it is a phenomenon that happens every 5 years or so where the whole desert blooms with millions of different flowers and colors that unbelievably come out right out off the dry sand around September and October… Its called El Desierto Florido or The Blooming Desert.This is an event you don’t want to miss!!!
Once you arrive at our local airport Desierto de Atacama,(15 minutes away from home), leave it up to us to take care of you as our guests. We’ll pick you up and take you right to our Paradise.
Once you arrive at our local airport Desierto de Atacama,(15 minutes away from home), leave it up to us to take care of you as our guests. We’ll pick you up and take you right to our Paradise.
Ten nights at our beach front accommodations: Hotel Nautel  with capacity for up to 12 riders in 6 shared rooms right on the beach. We can always make room for more guests if needed. Here you’ll find all that you need for a pleasant stay. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are always on us and prepared by our Gourmet Chef Catalina Amenabar, and even the Pisco sour, beer and wine are included. We´ll make every effort to make your visit as exciting and fulfilling as possible . You won´t be disappointed.
On windy days you can sail safely and comfortably from beginner to advanced. Not more than 10 minutes away there is what we call The Flat. Excellent flat turquoise crystal waters with offshore winds that cross through the bay for an amazing downwinder to home base, with motorized assistance on water and land. Loreto Bay is just 5 min away and it is a totally different enclosed bay to ready to be explored.
For those who like to ride waves, half an hour away we have a 5 mile long beach which we call The Saltlots of space to fly around and tons of waves to ride on. If we are lucky and the tides are just right, on the way there we find Isla Chata, first class left point break for either surfing or kiting to a Pro level. 45 minutes away up north from BI, we can sail at The Kite Parkexcellentlo0cation to learn and enjoy wave kiting and to have fun.
For those who want to experience More… (at a little extra cost) there are a variety of other amazing spots to ride on which are world class, like Puclaro, the “Wind Machine”, man made reservoir that gets 25 steady knot wind about 350 days a year. Or Matanzas, home of the PKRA’s final date on the 2007 Worldcup Tour for waves.

The Hotel Nautel  is literally 20 yards from our closest spot The Front Yard, excellent choppy for advanced freestyle and learning, just steps away from one of Chile’s most beautiful beaches: Las Picinas.
The Strip at BI is great for night strolling and great seafood at the local restaurants like El Domo and El Plateao . The atmosphere here is one of ease and fun…

Our best season is from August to the end of December, that’s why we are setting this trip on these dates, but BI is a great vacation destination year round!
On windless days there is plenty more to do: surfing (board included), snorkeling, tank and free diving, fishing, biking, hiking, day trips(andes, ojos del salado, pan de azucar), and all the seafood you can eat! By the way, did we already mention that the beer, wine and most important the Pisco Sour are included?!?!
The trip’s itinerary is designed for 10 days but we can make changes if your time frames and budget so require it. Basically, you have from August until December and you can pick any number of days, please contact us for more information.
Our trip also includes all the pictures you would want from a trip like this, which we will make available for you to take home. Edited videos could be eventually done at a cost if you desire.


The cost of the Chile Kite Trip 2013-2014 includes:

  • 10 days of Sessions.
  • 4 star Accommodations.
  • Airport Transfers and everyday Shuttles.
  • Food in charge of our Gourmet Chef Catalina Amenabar.
  • Mineral Water, Sodas, Beer, Wine AND Pisco Sour!!!
  • Trip Pictures
Special Trips

 Please contact or email us to find out about our Special Kiteboarding Trips to our other World Class Kite Spots like Puclaro ReservoirMatanzas Beach or Laguna Verde.

  • Puclaro Reservoir is a man-made Dam in a canyon close to the Chilean Observatories, which is known as the Wind Machine. It has wind over 350 days a year. A Steady 20-knot wind starts at 11 AM and stops around 6 PM depending on the dates. Here the Chilean companies are hosting several international championships year round. We will be building our Offsite Compound here in the next year or so…sooo exited!!!
  • Matanzas Beach is a World renowed beach with a huge long left that can satisfy even the most demanding appetites for Waves from the worlds best riders, home of the PKRA World Cup Tour with the best riders in the world. Here we have a partnership with a local provider to give you a superb stay too! You won´t be disappointed.
  • Laguna Verde is one of our craziest spots that we can take you! Located in The Andes at 4300 m (14100 ft) above sea level. Surreal wiews with the Ojos Del Salado Volcano rising over the 5500 m (18000 ft) a.s.l. The spot is psyco with the strong wind if you can tolerate the altitude level.