Bahia Inglesa Kitesurf
Front yard
-All levels.
This is the spot right out of our front door. 6 miles of sandy beach all the way from The Flat, makes this a great spot to learn on with the perfect angle of wind. By the time the wind gets here, it has formed a nice choppy surface great for advanced level freestyle and with some added bonuses like the Pools and Tototin’s Stretch right in front of BI’s main touristic beach on The Strip.
-Side Winds 15 to 25 knots.
-Choppy seas.
-Soft sand.
-Lots of space for launching.
The flat
-Intermediate Level.
Is just that….Flat. The winds that come into the bay in BI get funneled by our massive guardian The Whale Rock and the desert, to drop right into this spot for an awesome session on crystal waters, surreal surroundings, and a great Start Point for the unforgettable 2hr, 5 mile long Down-winder to Home Base.
-Winds off-shore from 15 to 25 knots.
-Flat waters.
-Soft sand.
-Lots of space for launching.
isla chata
Isla chata
-Intermediate to advanced Level.
When the winds an swells are together, the magic starts to work an the best spot in Atacama give us the best sessions. For years a magic surfing spot undiscovered for kitesurfers was the home of locals surfers until we try with ours kites, the results...without words...
-Winds off shore on wave, side on the beach.
-Soft sand and reef.
-No crowd.
-Perfect left breaks.
wave park
Wave park
-Intermediate Level.
40 minutes North from BI we find a very entertaining bay with 4 to 5 different but parallel waves to have fun on riding and jumping on 1 to 5 footer lips. The wide beach is surrounded by dirt and a rock terrace and slope. Tons of fun, safe and a great day trip. Close by, there are some world class surf breaks like Portofino.
-Winds side on-shore from 15 to 25 knots.
-Soft sand.
-Lots of space for launching.
The salt
-Intermediate Level.
Is a 5mile long sandy beach South from BI with lots of different breaks, side onshore wind, wide open to the Pacific. You can pick to ride at any spot of the beach or do downwinders with our constant assistance on land with no worries at all. It is perfect for riders seeking strong wave breaks and tons of space. So secluded that you will feel that you are the only one on the planet.
-Soft Sand.
-Wind Side On-Shore from 15 to 25 Knots.
-No Crowd.
-4 to 5 lines of Breaks from 1 to 6 Feet.
Other spots
-Lots of bays and beaches.
Besides the kite spots that we feature on our trip due to their closeness to Home and our knowledge about them, there is at least 10 other sailable spots that we would love to explore with you and your crew or family. We could just make a trip out of it by just going and testing all of them out! These spots are between 45 minutes to 2 hrs away from home and are all beautiful and fascinating locations like Bahia Cisne, Bahia Loreto,Rodillo, Bahia Salada.
-Beach breaks, Reefs, Point Breaks.
-Desertic landscapes.
-No Crowd.
-Unexplored spots.
surfing atacama
-All levels waves.
If you are an avid surfer besides a kitesurfer, we can offer lots of beach and point breaks along our coast line for the ones who want to taste our waves. No need to bring you board, we can provide one for you. The Surf Spots are El Pulpo, Rodillo, Porto Fino, Isla Chata, and Puerto Viejo.
-Beach breaks, Reefs, Point Breaks.
-No Crowd.
-Left and Right Breaks.
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