Bahia Inglesa Kitesurf
bahia inglesa kitesurf

We are a group of Kiters, surfers and nature lovers who want to develop the Kite and Surf tourism in Atacama, Chile, and show the amazing aspects of our region and country. We have all the facilities to give you and your family an unforgetable trip and stay in Northern Chile, ATACAMA.

The best sessions of your life are in our hands an we can show you the best places and spots for your trip.

The Heads of Bahia Inglesa Kitesurf are:
To contact us, send us an e-mail to
Gonzalo "Noti" Martínez.
Cristián "Coto" Bravo.
Or contact us directly in Chile:
How To Get To Bahía Inglesa
By plane it´s a 1,5 hr flight to Desierto de Atacama airport (Copiapó), you can take a flight any day of the week from Santiago. More information at Bahia Inglesa is only 15 minutes from the airport. Transfers are available at the exit.

By bus you can take a Turbus or Pullman Bus to Caldera Port. From Santiago it´s a twelve hours trip, we recomend traveling by night. Usually buying one day in advance is fine but about 4 days advance before holiday weekends and January and February. There is "Semi-Cama" and "Salon-Cama" clases.

From Caldera take a black "Colectivo" taxi south to Bahia Inglesa and (5 minutes, aprox. ch$1.200 per person).